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Merri Bee Organic Farm
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Buying Bee-autiful Beef in Bulk

When you buy in bulk you save $ and have the convenience of a ready supply of meat in your freezer. We encourage customers to consider installing photovoltaic solar panels or signing up for Synergy’s Federally audited “Natural Power” scheme where you pay a little more for electricity but the power is sourced from renewables such as solar and wind. Having used 100% Natural Power for many years we were sort of proud last month to see 2 giant new turbines making their way from the Bunbury Port to a new wind farm somewhere in W.A.

Rather than selling specific cuts each customer will get an equal quarter share of the whole body when purchasing a quarter of beef. Depending on the season, the weight of the animal and how the butcher cuts it up , a quarter may weigh anywhere from 20 to 35 kg, and we charge $16.50 a kg. The average quarter looks like this:

CUT Number of Packs
Chuck Steak 3-4
Gravy Beef or Osso Bucco 3-5
Mince 7-12
Schnitzel or Silverside Roast 2-3
Blade Steak 2
Oyster Blade 2-3
Topside Roast 3-4
Diced Steak (made from Round Steak) 2-3
T-Bone Steak 3
Rump Steak 2-4
Porterhouse Steak (Sirloin) 2
Scotch Fillet 2-3
THE Fillet 1
TOTAL approx. 40-50