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Merri Bee Organic Farm
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Are we all in climate denial, carrying on business as usual?

Bee Winfield, Dec 2009

At Merri Bee Organic farm we are trying hard to not to stick our head in the sand. We do as much as we can to reduce our carbon emissions…

We ‘re making compost out of huge piles of woodchip people dump off at our place. That must be sequestering  20 tons of  carbon a year. We use pigs to plough rather than a tractor. We had to cut down a gigantic pine tree and I won’t  let Stewart burn it unless he is cooking something .

We are using it to terrace the land and also just letting termites turn it back into soil. Termites are a good chook food. Trying not to drive much, but building a methane digester to evolve biogas for driving in the future. Planting heaps of trees. Paying for Natural power. Campaigning. Recycling junk into energy saving or generating buildings. It’s a lot of work.

If you want to come and help  us as a WOOFer it would be great as we could create something for people to see and do themselves  maybe. Good food assured! If you are frustrated by the lack of action on climate change, contact us soon about WOOFing.