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Merri Bee Organic Farm
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Our Organic Product Range...

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There is no substitute for organic food when it comes to delivering on everything from health benefits; animal welfare; to protecting our biodiversity, waterways and the environment. Taste food how it is meant to be...no toxins, no numbers, absolutely nothing artificial...just good wholesome tucker for you to enjoy.

Contact us to find out what is currently in season, prices and availablity. The list below gives you a good indication of what we may have on offer and associated prices.

Alternatively, you catch us at Manning farmers market an organic grower's market at Clontarf College Manning, or Margaret River Farmers market. Best to email or phone us for the date of our next market.
Hope we can be of service to you soon!

For further information on our eggs, pork, bread, follow the links!


Eggs & Poultry Cost Availability
Merri Bee Certified Organic Eggs (varied sizes per dozen) $7.50 to $9.50
Large, extra large and Jumbo size
Preserves Cost Availability
jams: fig, apricot, berry. $6.50 yes
lime pickles $6.50 yes
spreadable fruit $6.50 yes
Bakery Items Cost Availability
Wheat Bread $7.95 per loaf Yes
Rye Bread $7.95 per loaf Yes
Fruit and Nut loaf $10.95 per loaf Yes
Fruit Muffins (various) $3.80 yes
Cakes (various)   yes
Fruit & nuts (seasonal) Cost Availability
Lemons, 50 c each Yes
Limes 80 c each Yes
Berries (boysen, young raspberries) $7.50 per 250 g punnet December
Avocadoes ( fuerte, bacon, sharwill $2.50 each yes
Tomatoes $7.50 late December till May
passionfruit, figs 80 c each March, April
stonefruit, sapote, feijoa, carob, chinese dates   Christmas onwards till july
apples $7.50 per kg March April May
macadamias, almonds and pecans $10.00 in shell May June July
Veg (seasonal) Cost Availability
Rocket, garlic $29.50 per kg Yes
Corriander $29.50 per kg Yes
Parsley $25 per kg yes
Carrot, fennel bulbs, beetroot $6.50 per kg  
Eggplant - summer
Broccolini 14.00 winter, spring
Capsicum - summer
Basil $29.50 summer
Chilli -$15.00 summer
Asparagus $20 per kg spring
Kale, silver beet 30 cents per stalk yes
Pumpkin and potatoes

$4.00 a kg late summer, autumn, winter



Beef products Cost/kg Availability Beef products Cost/kg Availability
Chuck steak $11.50   Topside steak $18.00  
Gravy Beef $12.50   Round steak $18.00  
Premium Mince $14.50   T bone steak $25.00  
Blade Steak $14.50   Rump steak $26.00  
Beef Sausages $14.50   Porthouse steak $29.50  
Silverside roast $18.00   Scotch Fillet $32.00  
Y bone $18.50   Fillet Steak $37.00  
Oyster Blade $15.50   Leg Roast $16.50  
Fillet $30.50   Shoulder Roast $16.00  
Belly Strips $28.00   Buying Bee-autiful Beef in bulk   Click here
for more info
Pork products Cost/kg Availability Pork products Cost/kg Availability
Premium Mince $16.00   Spit Roast pigs S14.50 enquire to arrange your feast!
Pork Chops $23.50   Sides of pork or whole animal $16.50 please order 10 days before market day
Pork Roasts $16.50   Hogget also!! available!!    
Belly Strips $23.00