BBQ’s Galore

Imagine owning a multi function BBQ  centre  with a pizza oven, barbeque plate, place to boil a kettle and a place to slow cook a pot of beans.   It  will burn only  a small bundle of stick wood to roast a huge chook, bake bread, fry chips , the lot. The wood will burn with a smokeless flame, leaving hardly any ash.
Smoke = unburnt wood = carbon emissions.  Your outdoor kitchen produces little of these because it uses rocket stove technology, which is super efficient.
Need to raise a a heap of moola  for this ultimate patio piece by working in a mine or other environment killing industry?
No !  Anyone can make it for free thanks to Flip and John for their fantastic  instructions, all found on their website
These guys have shared  their knowledge beautifully in picture, vid and word after perfecting  mud oven art  to the point where they have achieved temperatures which make firing clay possible….ie they have used their oven as a kiln. They clearly describe how to make rocket stoves from the simple ingredients of water, sugar (or fruit pulp) ! clay, soil, staw, ash, and sawdust (or rice hulls, horse pooh  or similar organic matter) In addition you need only a  few easily found bits of cardboard, wood and plastic etc  .These are made into  moulds  which can be reused to make ovens for your friends . This is too much eh?
Flip and John, bless them,  have taken their ideas and practical projects to Haiti where it is so appreciated that crowds of people burst into deliriously happy  singing ….. The Rocket Fuel Stove Song!  It goes like this:
With native soil we make the rocket stove
The rocket stove keeps us from cutting trees
With rocket stoves we cook our food so fast
With rocket stoves we do not have expense.
And BTW, many instructions for creating a rocket fuel water heating unit exist on the net. Google  Milkwood for their  excellent reports. 

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