Symphony of the SOIL

26th and 27th of February 2020


https_cdn.evbuc.comimages497115521217439405991originalThe key to vibrant plants which resist drought, heat, frost, disease and pest attack lies quietly under mulch in an aerobic living soil. The smallest things on Earth may also be the most powerful. Reinstating the ancient partnership between soil microbes, plants and animals could be the only way to reverse pandemics of chronic disease and catastrophic climate change, yet soil’s beneficial microbes can be quickly destroyed by fertilizer, ploughs and pesticides. Conventional farm soils are inert & the food shaped- objects they grow contain a quarter of the nutrients our grandparents ate (plus untold poison residues). Conversely, soil “probiotics” create the rare aromatic flavours in real food responsible for health. Probiotics can be bred up in wormery’s and compost heaps. Organic farmer Bee made compost for 40 years but in 2014 learnt to make quality compost from Dr Elaine Ingham. Suddenly the farm is more profitable. People too are thriving as they eat nutrient dense foods covered in friendly bacteria, we will see them under the microscope. Quality compost can be brewed into a tea to inoculate large acreages with the whole soil food web.

Learn regeneration of the soil by many methods. See cell grazing in action, permaculture strategies, inspirational swales, hugekultures and food forests. Receive your 78 page manual when you register, and pre -read if you like. Our gut lining is integral to health and functions just like the soil. Good soil takes the work out of gardening so you can grow the food that transforms lives . The amazing, the astounding SYMPHONY of the SOIL takes place at Nannup’s Merri Bee Farmacy this February 26th and 27th , 2020. Cost $499 .00  Book your tickets by clicking on “register” at top of this page . Couples and car poolers discounts available, email : merribeefarmacy


$499.00 AUD


Wednesday February 26th  2020      8:00 AM    until

Thursday February 27th   2020         4:00 PM AWST