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Buying Bee-autiful Beef in Bulk

Merri Bee Organic beef is the by product  of our efforts to make cheese and our Jersey house cow breeding programme down at Karridale. There in the freshest salt air about 6 kms from the beautiful Hamelin Bay grows 50 acres of lush grass and some shady peppi trees, home to our Jersey herd and Wiltshire Poll sheep flock. The soil was  tested free of chemical residues before we purchased the property in 2012 and compost is our only input.  

About half of all calves born are male. We castrate them at 2 to 4 weeks of age and  they stay with their mother for their whole life, drinking milk and grazing on the wonderful legumes and grasses that grow in this high rainfall, limestone area . By one year old they are bigger than their mums and in the prime of condition. They are slaughtered between 1 and 2 years of age.

When  you buy in bulk you save $ and have the convenience of a ready supply of meat in your freezer. We encourage customers to consider installing photovoltaic solar panels and to procure a chest freezer. It is apparently more energy efficient to have 2 small chest freezers rather than one big one.

Rather than selling specific cuts each customer will get an equal quarter share of the whole body when purchasing a quarter of beef. Depending on the season, the weight of the animal and how the butcher cuts it up , a quarter may weigh anywhere from 20 to 35 kg, and we charge $17.50 a kg. The average quarter looks like this:

Cut Number of Packs
Chuck Steak 3-4
Gravy Beef or Osso Bucco 3-5
Mince 7-12
Schnitzel or Silverside Roast 2-3
Blade Steak 2
Oyster Blade 2-3
Topside Roast 3-4
Diced Steak (made from Round Steak) 2-3
T-Bone Steak 3
Rump Steak 2-4
Porterhouse Steak (Sirloin) 2
Scotch Fillet 2-3
Fillet 1
approx. 40-50  

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