Pork products

We let our pigs be pigs. Like the other animals on our farms, our wonderful hogs play a vital role in the ecosystem, converting grass and certified biodynamic grain into more pig and manure which feeds soil organisms, which in turn convert that into sanitized probiotic rich humus, which in turn grows more grass.  The pigs terrace the land for us because we set their temporary runs on the contour. They eat off the grass and before they do too much digging, we rebuild the fence in a fresh, fully grown grass location. We have been doing this for decades.

Soon enough the pigs grow large on grass, which they preferr to fruits, wild proteins, tagasaste branches, acorns, chestnuts, Acacia Victoriacae seeds and  vegetables from our permaculture , and you get to eat the most delicious pork, knowing they had a happy stress free life as free from toxins as possible. So relish the omega 3 rich fats, so essential for hearts and minds. We could rake up fallen fruit from any number of conventional fruit orchards nearby but choose not to feed chemically grown produce.

We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve heard Merri Bee Organic is ” the best pork Ive ever tasted! “

Bacon and ham is available in the cooler months, made to our specifications: pure, natural sea salt , no sugar.

We only have 2 sows and a boar but that is enough porkers for us to look after properly.