GAPS Coaching

Gut and Psychology/Physiology Syndrome, or GAPS is a nutritional protocol developed by Dr Natasha Campbell- McBride, (Russian medical doctor, neurologist, brain surgeon, with additional Masters degrees in Nutrition). It uses organic food and de-toxing methods to support the body to heal itself. After Dr Natasha recovered her young son from autism, she went on to help 1000s of children and adults recover from not only autism but many other learning disabilities, assorted syndromes, allergies, auto immune disorders, digestion issues and psychological maladies.

Dr Natasha: “ Human body is a wonderful creation: it has full ability to heal and maintain itself programmed into it! You must allow your body to use this divine programme”.

Amen to that. Her first book on GAPS came out 20 years ago, and has by now been translated into 26 languages, by parents, showing that the world needs this information. Her premise for decades has been that, to realise our potential, we need to restore the ecological balance of our gut microbiome. Modern science is discovering just how vital to our wellbeing this is, and how right Ancient Greek Doctor Hippocrates was when he said “All disease begins in the gut”.

Bee Winfield is a certified GAPS coach, ( CGC) trained under Dr Natasha in 2020 but she dove straight in to more study with Naturopathic Doctor and parasitologist Becky Plotner. Bee was honoured to be part of her small multinational GAPS practitioner training group . A great loss was Dr Plotner’s passing in November 2023, but Becky was driven to complete the books and create courses where she left tons of information for her students. She was a visionary who believed the only cause of illness is toxicity and malnutrition. Becky said that out of the thousands of people Dr Natasha has trained, Bee is in the top 15 in the world. Dr Becky, like Dr Natasha,  brought  decades of clinical experience to her lessons.  

GAPS is rigorous, but unless we make real changes we cannot expect real results.

The guidance of a very good GAPS coach will enable you to confidently get on GAPS and its “adjuncts”, without having to do that time consuming  research which may or may not be helpful. Bee wants to help and encourage you to get your life back ASAP, and/or to restore health to your loved ones. GAPS is a family affair as we inherit our microbiome from our parents at the moment of birth.

For a once off low fee of  $165 U.S.D.  as yet (hint: it won’t stay this low forever! ) Bee will work with you one on one, answering your questions, researching through the literature, sending  ample written resources  and scheduling fortnightly zoom calls for the first month. Later this takes the form of an “accountability call”, as Bee wants you to get the most out of GAPS. She finds the people most committed have the most success, and you will find Bee as committed as you are, to your healing.  

Due to a heart felt committment Bee has promptly answered all the many private chat questions clients have asked over her first year in practice.

As a past or present client, you will be invited to join the private GAPS FRIENDS Group for a monthly fee of $10 USD . Friends are first to receive articles ( via email) on a given health topic, released monthly, along with an invitation to a zoom meeting to discuss that topic. This is where you can ask questions arising from the article, followed by open Q and A. This friendly gathering brings GAPS Stars together to learn from , inspire and support each other….we who reject the SAD ( Standard American/ Australian diet) and “swim against the tide” of mainstream! GAPS is not always a “quick fix” but it is a new way of eating which will eventually result in a complete re -newal of our body, with quality materials ( organic food,the most powerful  medicine there is !) .  We replace  toxic food, cookware, cleaning and personal care products with safe versions, and you will be guided as to how to turn your home into a healing sanctuary and create the probiotic GAPS foods, step by step.

Bee says ” I was told I would have a lot of success but when my first 5 client families ALL got better within 3 weeks, from long standing horrible things like OCD, insomnia, anxiety, obesity and budding hormonal issues, ….I asked myself, Was that Beginners Luck? More likely these folks were just suffering from the SAD, and the GAPS diet was just what their bodies were waiting for to thrive! These kids have now had the gift of knowing how important food is to their well being. The benefits of that realisation will extend out for at least 3 generations to come. “

For free you can ask questions here any time.

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