Trust me I’m a doctor, and I ‘m here to shame you.

This is a critique of an ABC article. which made my blood boil.

To avoid censorship I have tried to replace C with a K in all references to The Virus. My words are in Italics .

Dr. Rebecca writes:

One of my best friends here in Austria is a musician with four kids. She is one of the kindest souls I know.She also doesn’t believe in vakkination. For the sake of social harmony, we always avoid the topic when it arises (we are both big believers in the general principle, “live and let live”).

However, I want to say to her that when her husband has sudden-onset chest pain, it’s me who she brings him to in the emergency department. It’s me and my medical knowledge she is putting her trust in when she asks me to find out what’s wrong and treat him. So why doesn’t she trust that same medical knowledge when he’s healthy?

If he has a heart attack he wasn’t healthy for a long time. He did not prioritize pure water, air and food. He did not exercise, he ate sugar and other processed food, and did not get full body sun exposure ( or take cod liver oil in cold weather). He did not take a morning juice of freshly pressed organic veges and fruit, did not make sure his diet was exclusively organic and mainly grass fed animal products….he didn’t get enough of the good fats and proteins found in meat, eggs, fermented raw dairy and fish. He did not take magnesium baths or swim regularly in the ocean. Yes we may have to rely on heroic doctors if hit by a bus, but prevention and cure of disease? That’s not your field.

I want to tell her that I love her soul. That she is more patient and kind than I could ever be. But that her anti-vax views are contradicting that entirely. Because to not vaccinate is not just a personal decision: it’s a big F-YOU to all the people in your community.

Why ? Sure, you might not care about getting measles or the flu or KOVID (even though you should; have I told you about the otherwise very fit and healthy 46-year-old from my ward, who has been on the ICU with KOVID since November and is currently awaiting a lung transplant if he doesn’t die first?).But you’re right, chances are that if you’re healthy, and get KOVID, you will barely feel it. Hold up, though — your argument also applies to getting a vaccine: you are healthy, so in all likelihood you will barely feel it.

See photo of one of your deceased colleagues, he had told everyone the KO Vid vaccine was safe but dropped dead playing tennis a few days after taking it himself. In his prime. My sympathy to his poor mother, family and friends.

The problem is that we humans are suckers for the status quo. When life is good, we’re hardwired to coast along, and not do anything to disrupt that. It’s only when shit (like our health) hits the fan, that we suddenly desperately want someone to DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING, to make it better again.

 I wouldn’t go to an allopathic doctor for anything but a diagnoses, thanks anyway. “The thinking doctors all died in the 1940s” says Dr Sherry Tenpenny, who says Doctors should make the time to become informed on these vaxxines, as she has, and describes them as methods of mass destruction.

Look to history — and the future

So why get the vaccine when we’re all pictures of health? Let me count the reasons.

Even though I may not know all of the ins and outs of this particular vaccine, or the big-business pressures and deals undoubtedly going on behind closed doors, I know that there is a well-established and rigorous independent regulatory system in place to make sure the experts are held accountable and deliver a safe and effective product.

Glad you admit you are  ill informed …..yet you are willing to promote this experimental va((ine? Regulatory authorities and governments were long ago captured by Big Ag and Big Pharma. The corporations leading them fund the University you went to and wrote your text books. They gave you your first stethoscope and wined and dined you throughout your training. News for you: this vaccine is still experimental. It has only been approved under special “state of emergency” laws. MRNA technology has never been used before on humans, we don’t know what the effect will be 5 years from now.  

History has shown us, time and time again, that vaccines are the single most effective way to stop pandemics. Have you ever wondered why anti-vaxxers are rarely over the age of 70? Because most of our grandparents remember the devastation of infectious diseases like polio and how massively vaccination helped.

Well that ‘s your take but sadly TV and radio was introduced as a propaganda tool through which  allopathic medicine was glorified, herbalism and diet  slammed and “our grandparents” were indoctrinated. Misinformation has been going on from the advent of mass media. The truth is,  it was improved sanitation, water and food supply which eradicated the numerous infectious diseases which racked life in slums in the late 1800’s. Around 1940 rates of numerous diseases were down to nothing, then the vaccine industry  began , stepped up and stole the credit. It was really the plumbers who brought down disease! Polio was of 3 types and the most common was DDT poisoning, which expresses as the disease they called polio. Cows dipped in DDT often became paralysed afterwards, as did the kids of farming families who were exposed to DDT at the same time. DDT was banned and polio “disappeared, thanks to vaccines “say the sound bytes. There was a concerted effort to create polio epidemics in the community and then to “disappear” them with vaccine.  How did they create epidemics? By way of promoting a high sugar diet, by widespread use of DDT, by widespread tonsillectomy to weaken children of the 60’s (including me), by tinkering with the wild infectious type polio in a Rockerfeller laboratory to make it more infections and releasing it, (yes this happened…. the resulting epidemic in New York was then falsely blamed on Italian immigrants, even though they had nothing to do with it.)    Photos of kids in iron lungs were widely spread. I have personally met a woman whose daughter in a nearby town contracted polio from vaccine. Her baby has been born with it.

As usual, there is more to all stories, far more than sound bytes can capture. But if you care to find out more, read Dissolving Illusions by Dr Suzanne Humphries. Unfortunately I cannot direct you to her many talks on You Tube, as they have been censored :  removed or shortened!  I hope Amazon has not taken the book down as it has removed others, including the title “Do not Burn this Book” by Fred Nerks.  

Selfishly, I don’t want to get as sick as the man trying to outpace death waiting a set of new lungs. And because I don’t want my grandparents to either, by me inadvertently giving the virus to them.

Numerous reports from nursing homes show older people contracting Ko Vid and recovering yet being dead within hours of the vaccine. Some even received vaccine and came down with CoVid days later.

On purely practical level, I want our lives to return to normal. We are on our third hard lockdown here (the 23rd week of home schooling since last March) and I can tell you, the days I work on the KOVID ward are a holiday compared to home schooling two primary schoolers with a toddler in tow. I want restaurants and hotels and shops to open up and make jobs again. Vain hope that widespread vaccination will achieve pre- Kovid life. NO. Authorities like Anthony Fauci say vaccine will not end restrictive measures because it will not block the spread of the virus! You will still have to wear a mask and practice social distancing, if you can walk around  (out side).  

I want to fly back to Australia and see my family.

Yes, if they follow your advice they may not be around much longer.

Above all, I will do it because of 6-year-old Sophie. She’s on the leukaemia ward, locked up in there for months with only her mum to visit. She is still waiting on chemotherapy that hasn’t been able to be administered due to KOVID delays. I don’t know Sophie personally — I’ve only heard about her through my colleagues on that ward — but I don’t want to be the type of person who ignores her just because I don’t know her. There are thousands of Sophies.

More shaming attempts like this to follow. This may work unless your reader is fully aware of the risks of the vaccine versus the risks to Sophie of this flu which has caused no change to death rates anywhere in the world. When we even begin to add up the #s of deaths from delayed treatment for cancer etc, and deaths related to the economic loss Kovid has caused…. suicide, drug overdoses, domestic violence, homelessness…..figures for which it is has been impossible to obtain for at least one jurisdiction……and then the deaths related to the vaccine which after one month number 501 reports to VAERS which picks up about 1 in 100 events ……..well its sad. Shame on YOU Doctor, not on your fellow man.  

So yep. Even though my arm is admittedly a little bit sore today, I will be getting my booster in three weeks. And even though I hate doctors’ waiting rooms, and even though my toddler (and probably his older sisters too) will definitely scream at the jab in the arm, it’s way more important to me to put Sophie’s needs before my own kids’ comfort. To have your kids jabbed is just as irresponsible as writing this piece. Do you pocket the $30 per patient paid to you to administer the vaccine? Its time for strong words: You are involved in a crime against humanity, as is the ABC and all other main stream media. Just as it was too hard for people to believe ( for decades) that  Hitler’s concentration camps existed,  this is genocide, whether you know it or not.

That’s just the kind of person I want to be. What, an  ill informed gullible fool or worse, a communist foot soldier paid to coerce other citizens to get the jab and die ? OR, will your victims develop auto immune disease 6 months later and become a money tree for Big Pharma suffering a chronic disease for the rest of their miserable  life ? Herd immunity is built up by healthy people adhering to a healthy diet and life style as mentioned above, getting exposed to the disease and building anti bodies.  If all that fails against this GMO virus, there are effective treatments ( Ivermectin and Zinc plus Hydroxychloroquine) but strangley after decades of safe use they have been banned around the world as of last March.

  Our amazing and wonderful human body has evolved over millions of years to fight disease. True lifelong immunity never comes through a needle. Just as soil structure doesn’t come from a bag. We are so resistant to disease, toxin and parasite . But to The novel Vaccine? Well that’s another matter.…..

Dr Mauro D’Auria had boasted on his FaceBook page that he had taken the jab for Kovid-19 and that it was “perfectly safe”

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  1. Chris says:

    Very well said.
    As a long time resident of Hong Kong I made a snap decision to leave late Jan 2020 as ‘Covid’ approached.
    I expected much greater clarity about what was actually going on to arrive by year-end 2020 but am still waiting (as a vet I can follow the medical literature).
    The official Australian response was a mindless copy-paste from the US and the assumption that we’d be much better becoming ill in Australia than in Asia was a poor one, it turned out.
    It took real courage (unfortunately) for you to say publicly what you said here. Thank you for showing more clarity, both medically and holistically, than most in this country.
    I have been scouring available sources for good food producers in WA the last few weeks and will definitely drop buy and try and pick up some of your excellent produce when I am next down that way.
    Thanks again and all the best,

  2. Bee Winfield says:

    Thanks ! Snap decision driven by an intelligent and open mind and perhaps your guardian angel! All too often Monsanto funded University’s turn out doctors, vets and nurses who are willing to be Big Pharma sales reps first and who do not use critical thinking skills much. Obviously you are an exception. I would come to you for health care in a heart beat, as vets have to be incredibly clever to learn all the different animal’s systems. Also, animals do not have medicare cards so you have an interest in fixing them the first time! I hope we do meet soon! The farmacy is looking particularly good at the moment, but the first hot weather is has struck, 37 C today!

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