Merri Bee farms  are  permaculture properties in Nannup and  Karridale . Developing for 30 years in Nannup we have  established hundreds of useful  species of fruit, nut  and fodder plants. We’ve installed swales, solar panels  and sustainable  buildings but our main focus is on the soil.

Chemical fertilizers and the  herbicides and pesticides they make necessary all conspire to leave the soil low in biology resulting in low -nutrient crops which are dependent on “life support” ( more and more chemicals ). These fossil fuel based inputs  SO contribute to climate change.  We have withdrawn our support from agribusiness at Merri Bee Organic Farmacy’s, and our  produce is  grown with quality compost and mulch which enlivens the soil and the food that comes from it. Huge populations of beneficial  microbes in soil mean the water and nutrient cycles are working  for the vibrant health of the biosphere and our customers. Support  your gut flora with Merri Bee  produce for a myriad of health benefits to every organ including the brain.  Besides  all that , our food  tastes great.

Contact us to find out what is currently in season, prices and availability, and/or  see our various product pages. Alternatively, you catch us at Perth City Farm Saturday morning market once a month  or Margaret River farmers market every other Saturday. Best to contact us for the location of our next market. Hope we can be of service to you soon!