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Merri Bee Organic Farm - Experience food how it is meant to be
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Our Philosophy - Organic Farming

Merri Bee Organic farm is a permaculture, an ecosystem dedicated to growing and producing the best organic food you can eat. We are passionate about caring for our vegetables and animals in the way nature intended. We provide an alternative for people who care for our environment, animal welfare and for their own health and vitality. Fully tree ripened fruit, vegetables grown naturally with compost. Meat, eggs and dairy from animals who enjoy a quality natural lifestyle, with wholesome organic feed.

We believe chemicals have no place in food production nor farming, yet chemical laden foods are usually the only option we have in our supermarkets. If you are fortunate enough to live in proximity to Nannup WA, Merri Bee organic farm can be your one stop organic supplier. Alternatively contact us to see if we can ship to your location.