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We grow organic plants and animals for your permaculture. From house cows to garlic bulbs, we are working on it. As an avid gardener I use to spend a fortune at nurseries but I began to realise that the beautiful and abundant blooms in punnets and pots were achieved by a LOT of chemicals. Some seed dressing chemicals are so powerful that the pollen eventually produced several months after the seed is sown, kills bees! Not wanting any part of that, and being disappointed by the fact that those flower covered seedlings hardly ever survived a week in the garden, my obsessive plant buying shifted into flower seed purchase.

It may seem strange to spend time growing flowers, when food plants are more important, but joy and admiration of the natural world seems just as important these days. Anyway I have a few excuses to grow flowers : eg the Montdorensis mite breeds on Sweet Alice ( Alyssum) flowers and predates on spidermites which destroy my beans and pumpkins most years . Flowers attract and feed pollinating insects. And flowers attract people who may not have heard or appreciated the notion of Permaculture or organic growing……let’s address that on a farm tour.

Merri Bee Farmacy nursery is pleased to present some medicinal herbs , fodder plants, succulents, passionfruit vines, ornamentals and pollinator plants , all grown in pure compost in recycled pots . Let us know what your after . The list currently includes petunias, snap dragons, holly hocks, begonias, zygo cactus, cinerarias, several kinds of succulent, Aloe Arborescens, hyssop and lavender, rue, skullcap, cauliflower, ecinachea, shallots, garlic, seedlings of lettuce kale and fennel , hydrangea, variegated ivy, spider plant, fishbone fern, banner grass, bamboo, swedish ivy, honey locust, coprosma, yellow daisy bush, marigold, warrigal greens, thyme, oregano, peppermint ,coleus, purple wandering dew , succulents (too numerous to mention) stone pine, date palm, salvia and more.

Prices vary depending on compost volume and propagation difficulty. These plants are organic and reliable .

Nursey worker and chief irrigator Lee  with some baby plants , hardened off and ready to leave home
Nursey worker and chief irrigator Lee with some baby plants , hardened off and ready to leave home.
Bambusa Olhameii cuttings have been taken this spring and are so far looking good. It is beautiful big clumping bamboo with 3 inch diameter culms ideal for furniture making. As a bonus it has edible shoots which are a tonic for the liver. We wil let you know when they are ready for sale. Meanwhile, checkout the humungus bamboo duck fence!
Aloe Aborescens plants grown in nothing but our compost and course sand . $14.50 EACH.
MANY MEDICINAL USES. Gel inside the aloe leaf soothes burns , sunburn included. I wouldnt be without this plant near the kitchen. After cooling a burn down by holding under running water for 5 minutes, then another 5 minutes with the injury in a sink of cold water, pat dry and apply the gel . We tested this plant’s powers on my mums sunburnt arms years ago. Aloe leaf was peeled and the soothing gel wiped over the left arm only. In the morning her left was brown and the untreated arm was still pink and hot. Aloes is one of the most famed plants of Arabian medicine, used for equines and humans both internally and externally, in the treatment of constipation, indigestion, worms and urinary ailments . The juice can be expressed and sundried.
The cost of the plant is free but the pot and compost we charge for.
Please email or message or ring 97561408 to arrange your visit to our little nursery where you may also stock up on heirloom organic seeds.

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  1. Arna says:

    Hi we are thinking of coming to do your tour on the 15th. Do we need to buy tickets prior to the event? Also how long does the tour go for?
    Many thanks

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